One Day Training: Cross Selling and Service with Mike Neill

Target Audience: Executives, Managers and Supervisors
Training teaches employees what to do. Coaching allows employees to learn HOW to do it by transferring information from the classroom into the workplace. Most credit unions over-manage their employees and under-coach them by a significant factor. The result is employees who are disengaged in the efforts we desire for them.
  • “How many do I have to do?”
  • “Do I have to do it when we are busy?”
  • “Do I have to do it on Friday?”
  • “How about when we are short-handed?”
  • “What if I get it one month but not the next?”
  • “Will I get written up for it?”

If these quotes caused your eye to twitch a bit you need to come to Coaching for Sales and Service Performance.

In this training you’ll learn
  • The Characteristics of an Effective Coach
  • The Differences in Coaching and Management
  • How Over-Management Creates Dis-engagement
  • How Coaching Creates Engagement
  • What Coaches Do and How They Think
  • Why Do Employees Under-Perform
  • How to Diagnose the Cause of Employee Under-Peroformance
  • How to Redirect Every Type of Under-Performance
  • How to Effectively Confront Ineffective Behaviors. 

Speaker: Michael Neill
Mike is the President and founder of Michael Neill & Associates, Inc., and the author of two books, Creating and Maintaining a Credit Union Sales and Ser- vice Culture, and Coaching for Maximum Performance. Mike also is the author of the most popular research work in the history of The Filene Research Institute, Attributes Common Among High Performing Managers. Additionally, Mike is one of the most sought after speakers in the Credit Union Movement.
Prior to starting MNA in 1998, Mike worked as a senior executive where he led the credit union to a number two ranking, in member product penetration and in the top twenty-five in “value to member.”
In addition to an undergraduate degree in Organizational Development, Mike is certified as a Servant Leader, through Gonzaga University, and as an Executive Coach, by the International Coaching Federation. Mike is closing in on the completion of an M.A. in Organizational Leadership at Gonzaga University. 

Date 5/16/2013 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Utah Credit Union Association
1805 South Redwood Road Suite 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
(801) 972-3400

Registration is currently not open for this event.