QuickBite: Time Management

In today’s workplace we are all hearing that we need to be more productive; yet many already feel over loaded with responsibilities and tasks. Some, to accomplish these task and assignments, use one tool of time management and that is the “To do list”. Participants will learn skills to maximize the use of their time including the proper way to utilize a “to do list”.
Topics that will be discussed include:
  • Time management - its benefits
  • Goal setting - establishing priorities
  • Time Wasters and Maximizers
  • How do you cut your pie?
  • A plan for the future
  • The most difficult part of time management
  • Learning the one most important word in time management
Speaker: John Baptista’s experience combines over 35 years in the financial industry, including 30 years in management, and over three decades as a trainer and consultant. 

Date 6/3/2013 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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