Quick Bite: Marketing the CU Thru Use of Economic Models


Attend this training session and learn how to use economic models to become a better marketer! Upon completion of this session, you will have a greater feel for the basic economic models of “supply/demand”, “industry life-cycle”, and “market structure” as well as the marketing concepts of the target market and four (4) P’s of marketing.
  • Gain an understanding of marketing a credit union, marketing a department within the credit union, and marketing yourself.
  • Explore basic economic models including supply/demand, industry life-cycle, and market structure.
  • Learn about the marketing concepts of the target market and the four (4) P’s of marketing.
  • Apply the economic concepts through three case studies.
Speaker: David Osburn is the founder and managing member of Osburn & Associates LLC, a Las-Vegas-based business training and contract CFO firm. His extensive professional background encompasses over 27 years in banking, finance and marketing. 

Date 1/28/2014 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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