Lending School with Tim Harrington

In this one-day school, Tim Harrington tauch students three classes:

Click on the link for each class to view the slides for the class. This school contains four videos, ranging from 56 minutes to an hour and 54 minutes.


  • The video labeled "Idenifying Risk in Your Portfolio" has low audio throughout. But you should be able to turn up the volue on your computer to hear well enough.
  • During the video "Identifying Risk 2 and Putting Credit Back in credit Unions", we had a hardware malfunction. At the 45:59 marker, audio goes haywire. It gets louder and buzzes. You'll want to be ready for it or you'll get a nasty surprise. For the rest of the clip, you can understand Tim, but it's relatively unpleasant. Due to the glitch, we missed about 20 minutes of the presentation. Therefore, for this video, the cost of watching online is less than the cost of attending in person. The slides, of course, contain the content that Tim covered.
  • Audio in the clips titled "Credit Back in Credit Union Part 2" and "Tax Returns" functions at normal levels.

Category: Lending

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