Vendor Management, One-Day Class

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Vendor Management has been on the regulators’ radar for some time now. Credit Unions are expected to have a risk-based method to select and monitor their third party relationships. During this class, Heather Line and two special guests discuss the following topics:
  • NCUA guidance for managing third-party relationships
  • Developing a vendor management program
  • Selection of vendors including risk assessments and due diligence practices
  • Reviewing contracts
  • On-going monitoring of vendors
  • Documentation of your vendor management program
This training is ideal for anyone tasked with managing vendor relationships within the credit union.
Here are the documents and handouts for this training.

Note that the fourth video, called Vendor Monitoring, had some issuse from minute 17 to minute 21. You can skip those minutes, and the content is repeated without problem starting at about minute 21. Thank you!

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