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In the fall of 2012, the NCUA will require credit unions with more than $50 million in assets, and some credit unions between $10 million and $50 million to have a liquidity policy. To help credit unions prepare for this, the Association arranged for an expert presenter to give you information and provide answers to your questions. 

The forum covers:

  • The NCUA IRR Policy requirements
  • The impact of the policy on credit unions
  • What changes are needed
    • Policy
    • Analyses
      • Twisted Yield-Curves
      • Sensitivity Analyses
      • Prepayment Sensitivity Analysis
      • Non-Maturity Deposit Sensitivity Analyses
      • Basis Risk Analyses
  • Practical Application

Presenter: Cullen Coxe, Financial Advisor from ALM First Financial Advisors based out of Texas.

Cullen Coxe ALM First Financial Advisors in 2003. As a Financial Advisor for the firm, his primary responsibilities include reviewing clients' asset/liability portfolios, as well as designing and executing financial strategies that provide the best value proportional to each client’s desired risk profile.
Mr. Coxe has lengthy experience in trading and investment portfolio management. He also has extensive interaction with the secondary market, including mortgage-loan origination, production, funding and hedging.
Before joining ALM First, Mr. Coxe was a bank portfolio manager and trader, responsible for a $4 billion mortgage-backed security portfolio. In this position, he researched, analyzed and executed trades involving mortgage-backed, pass-through securities, as well as collateralized mortgage obligations. Additionally, he hedged the portfolio on a monthly basis to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines, and planned and forecasted balance-sheet strategies based on various interest-rate scenarios. Prior to serving as a portfolio manager for the bank, he managed its liabilities and all borrowings with a focus on reducing the cost of funds.


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