Compliance Crue: July 2011

Compliance Crue for July 2011, in which Heather Line, compliance guru, leads discussion on a large number of topics. Download documents related to the meeting here (choose the table row for 7/5/11; if you are taken to the general compliance page, click on the "Compliance Crue" link in the bottom right of the page):

Heather talks about these topics in this order.
Already-implemented compliance items:
  • FACTA Risk-based pricing notice
  • New Reg Z disclosure: when mortgage loans are sold or transferred to a new owner.
  • Change for Reg Z: part of Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act. New type of disclosure for truth-in-lending statement form mortgage loans. Replaces payment stream with a new interest rate and payment summary table.
  • Regulation E: change to gift card rules and disclosures.
  • NCUA Signage change
  • Reg Z: interim rule on appraisal independence
  • Loan originator compensation rule
  • New temporary lobby sign disclosure to do with share insurance, related to non-interest bearing transaction accounts
Pending compliance items:
  • Reg Z: Exemption threshold is being raised from 25k to 50k
  • Regulation CC: next-day availability is being increased to $200 from $100
  • Regulation Q: this regulation is being eliminated
  • Reg B and Reg D: Equal Credit Opportunity Reporting act and Fair Credit Reporting changes. Adding credit score information on a pair of notices.
  • Changes to adverse action notice
  • SAFE Act
  • Criminal history reports
  • A plethora of final CARD Act clarifications
  • Clarification of Interim rules for Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act
  • FinCEN revised CTR and SAR forms--make sure the date on the form you use is March 2011. Use is required after October 1.
  • New NCUA ad rules: when to use the NCUA logo or tag line
  • Heads up on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: combine the HUD1 and truth in lending statement into one document.



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