Bond Basics/Mechanics of the Bond Market

Here is the handout for the presentation.

In this investment-focused training, Jason Williams from Moreton Financial Services will cover these topics related to investing for credit unions:

  • Review the key terms and definitions for investing in bonds in a credit union portfolio and mechanics of the bond market
  • Discuss 3 risks to be managed by a credit union in selecting bonds as part of an investment portfolio
  • Examine 4 critical structural elements of a successful credit union investment portfolio: safekeep, reporting, investment policy, and management
  • Introduce NCUA investment portfolio regulation section 703 

Jason Williams is president and managing partner at Moreton Financial Solutions and Strata Asset Management. Moreton Financial Solutions is a leading fixed income portfolio manager in the west, serving institutional clients across a broad spectrum including corporations, municipalities, and credit unions. Moreton & Company began in 1910 and is a leading risk management consulting and insurance brokerage firm with offices in Salt Lake City, Boise, and Denver.


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