About the Utah Credit Union Association

Utah Credit Union AssociationThe Utah Credit Union Association is a membership organization serving the credit unions of Utah. Working to meet the needs and promote the goals of the credit unions and the credit union movement,the Association provides, public relations, compliance information, education, training, legislative lobbying, community involvement projects, and much more.

Membership with the Utah Credit Union Association signifies support of the larger credit union movement and provides access to the comprehensive services provided by the Association and its affiliates. Association membership is a link to the entire credit union system, which includes the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), CUNA Service Group, the World Council of Credit Unions, and allied organizations such as CUNA Mutual Group.

Putting the Association to work for you is easy if your credit union is already affiliated with us: just register and we'll get you on board in no time. For more information about affiliating with the Association, contact us about the benefits.