Limited reach: the Association consolidates and broadens industry reach

Policymakers from all parts of the state make decisions that affect all citizens of the state. Yet, policymakers care most about what their own constituents want and need. ...

Information overload: the Association is the solution

Policy makers drown in a sea of messages from constituents. There are so many interests vying for attention, that it's important for each one to have as strong a voice ...

The Association is the solution to the high cost of advocacy

As the simple graphic below outlines, advocacy can be very expensive in terms of dollars and time. The Association helps mitigate those costs for credit ...

Is your credit union a milk shake or a banana split?

How can advanced analytics help your credit union? In this blog I’d like to show how one form of analysis can group similar things. In this case I’ll use Call ...

How to beat death by a thousand cuts?

As I’ve indicated in some of my recent blogs (recent being relative), I don’t believe our industry is in danger of over-night disruption. I do, however, continue ...

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