How to beat death by a thousand cuts?

As I’ve indicated in some of my recent blogs (recent being relative), I don’t believe our industry is in danger of over-night disruption. I do, however, continue ...

What will .creditunion amount to?

A number of years ago I sat on a steering committee with folks from a few other leagues and some CUNA representatives. Our purpose was to determine whether or not credit ...

Ignore the disruption prophets, and make sure you're evolving

As a result of my blog last month, I’ve spent a little time thinking about industry disruption and whether or not our industry is likely to be disrupted. I know, I ...

Do you ever get tired of hearing about disruption?

Today I read an article that relays the same message we’ve been hearing for a number of years: credit unions need to learn from other industries that have been ...

It really is about members

Last week I was at lunch with the presidents of four credit unions at a place called Dirk’s Farmhouse Restaurant in Manti. The smallest credit union there had assets ...


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