Fraud/Cyber Security Training - with Barry Thompson

Don't gamble your limited resources when fighting fraud. This insightful presentation provides you the steps on how to organize your credit union to reduce your losses. At this meeting, learn about account takeovers, elder fraud, debit card fraud, and social engineering make criminals wealthy at your expense. Organizations fighting frauds while working in a silo environment will have extensive losses because staff is not working together effectively. Learn how to establish an institution wide fraud program that provides you with tangible, real-world results. Prevent costly and embarrassing errors by organizing yourself efficiently.

Also at this seminar:

The economics of fraud
The fraud landscape changes quickly and constantly and the way we approach fraud has to be just as fluid. Gone are the days when the--bad guys--had to walk through the front door. Now they are anonymous on the Internet and capable of stealing millions of dollars in a matter of seconds. What do age and technology have to do with fraud? Everything! This session will explain the role various generations play in the changing landscape of fraud. Learn who is susceptible to certain fraud methods because of their age. We'll also dig into generational characteristics and how these apply to the fraud triangle.

Incentives gone wrong
We do everything we can to prevent internal embezzlements. You wouldn't expect that to include having to teach your staff right from wrong. However factors such as unrealistic sales goals, a recessive economy, or compensation relying too much on incentives can produce the motivation for fraud. This session will show what can cause these problems to develop and how to avoid them from happening to you.

Computer security and social engineering for the non-techie
This program reviews techniques to protect your institution from the dangers of downloading unknown files, information security, and deceptive answers. Social Engineering is the method used by penetration companies and criminals to compromise the financial institution. This program will discuss the modus operandi used to attack account holders, the institution, or call center into providing sensitive information. We will review problems with locating your terminals or PCs where a non- staff member can gain access without anyone knowing. Even a small institution is not safe from these techniques. We will instruct staff on how not to fall victim to a social engineering attack, what a deceptive answer really sounds like, and how to handle these attacks on your front line or call center.


Tue, May 8, 2018 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

(801) 972-3400